Hi there! I’m Sonny Alabama, aka Andrea Refi, and I’ve been drawing since I discovered I had an opposable thumb.

Here’s a brief timeline:
2002/2004 – I attended the 1st year at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics (International School of Comics) in Jesi and the Centro Sperimentale di Design (Experimental School of Design) in Ancona.

2004 – I established with Jonathan Iencinella the self-released fanzine Bloodysound. This will later become the record label BloodysoundFucktory, nowadays one the most appreciated independent labels in Italy, also thanks to the fundamental contributions of Alessandro Gentili and Daniele “Nando” Luconi, the current managers. I’m in charge of the majority of the artwork for the label: posters, fliers and some cd covers.

2004 through 2009 – I collaborate with the Thermos Club in Ancona, drawing a number of posters for concerts and dj sets. This was a period of authentic artistic and spiritual formation… in one word, Rock’n’Roll!

2004 to present – I select Rock’n’Roll as a dj with Jonathan Iencinella in the duo Bloodysound System, now known as Sonny e Jonny, where ever there’s the need of some healthy and revitalizing chaos.

2005 to present – Together with Michele Prosperi, I establish the Jesus Franco & The Drogas, devoted to an acidly rock/hardcore/punk/psychedelic sound. Among its members appear musicians from other local bands such as Guinea Pig, Lush Rimbaud, Butcher Mind Collapse, Lebowski and Ano.

2007 through 2014 – I select Rock’n’Roll as a dj with Andrea Carbonari (also Guinea Pig and Jesus Franco & the Drogas well-mannered guitarist) in the duo Detroit Mafia Sound System, spreading panic and products of psychedelic blues_rock’n’roll_garage_soul_funk_punk.

2009/2010 – I collaborate with Federico Pesciarelli’s Hot Viruz designing silk screen printed posters for artists from the international rock scene (Pop Group, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Shellac..). This was a unique experience I still recall with much pleasure… Thanks Pesha.

2010 to present – I keep on designing posters for concerts but also for the Theatre, for the Encephalon by Niba, for instance. I work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator at the Alabama Studio. I collaborate with the Basement collective, association established by Jerry Brigante and Mona to promote local street artists.

I draw inspiration from:
coffee and sigarettes
the American poster art and most of the subcultures generated in that continent
graphic design, street art and architecture publications
Umberto Galimberti, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Lester Bangs, Piero Scaruffi e Sam Peckinpah
Typography from all eras and latitudes
The Woman
Old film fliers
The Rolling Stones and John Belushi
Charlie Mingus, Tom Waits
The non-abuse of drugs, and friends
Tequila and friends
Lemon and friends
My wife and my son, smack! :-*

And for reading up to this point, a smack to you too! :-* 😉


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